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Love Wins – A Few More Thoughts…

If you go online and type in Love Wins, you will get host of blogs, articles and reviews. I don’t need to add to the noise to it, but wanted to follow-up on this book since I mentioned it in the … Continue reading

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When Losing Wins

There is a time in life when losing wins. Our daughter lost her upper front tooth Monday morning. She was excited. She was proud. She was a winner (well, a losing one, but nevertheless the tooth fairy was coming).  Can you … Continue reading

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Responding to Japan (and elsewhere)

This post comes early this week, and I am sure you know why. Putting aside some questions and observations of what it means to be the church today for a moment, I want to think about the recent disaster in Japan and … Continue reading

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Sermon on Matt 4:1-11, “Into the wilderness…the devil”

This devil and the wilderness we find ourselves in requires not only of us our religious imagination, but also an admission – of our guilt, shame, sin, and blame of others. But before we think about think about such a … Continue reading

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Lent: Giving up. Taking up. Cleaning Up.

Lent provides a time each year to focus again on what is important. It is a good time to get rid of the clutter. Since it happens each spring, the analogy of Spring Cleaning comes to mind, except that what … Continue reading

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Sermon on Matt 17:1-9, “Splatter Paint”

Sometimes we miss something so beautiful amazing and true. I was a junior in college and getting some real world experience. I was planning on teaching, and I had never  worked in a school. I got a job at Pleasant … Continue reading

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The Church & the Oscars

Image from “People’s Daily” James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars this past weekend. Like many people across the country I watched, and tuned in and out.  These two young actors were recruited to host after a few … Continue reading

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