Sermon on Mark 4:24-32, “Growing Starts Small”

Sermon on Mark 4:24-32,
“Growing Starts Small”
Extraordinary Time,
June 17, 2012

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
New Canaan, CT

Acknowledging a request, here are the closing paragraphs of the sermon:

We face a crossroads in our lives. We turn on the news and we look at the world around us and we see everything breaking. We see so much pain and suffering. You have experienced that for yourself and your loved ones. We see the dangers and we see the decay.

Our instinct is to hold on to the little piece that we can control. We want to make sure we’re safe in order to make sure things are OK for us.  That leads to one place – it leads to death. It is the death of our spirit. It is the death of our purpose. It is the death of our institutions, our organizations and even our churches. It is the death of our faith. It is the death of ourselves.  It leads to the death of our Lord on a cross.

Yet standing at that same crossroads, Jesus shows us something else – he shows us what it means to be open; what it means to take notice of new life happening and see resurrection around us. These are things we would never experience, or count on, or we think of as nuisances but are starting to sprout up all over the place. 

He calls us to take notice of those things.  To stand in that crossroads between death and life; between life and death – and know that is the exact place of the Kingdom of God.  He calls on each of us to say exactly what that kingdom is like – but to use our stories; use our experiences; use our examples; our images – things we can actually explain, and share with others that the Kingdom has come. Amen”


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