A child will lead them…a Maundy Thursday Sermon by Mia on Matt 26:26-32

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A child will lead them

4/17/2014 Maundy Thursday
A sermon on Matt 26:26-32
by 8 year old, Mia Sinibaldo

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
New Canaan, CT

Maundy Thursday, “In Memory of Me” by Mia Sinibaldo

God gave his only son, his only child, to save us from sin. God loves us that much.                 Did he have to do it? Did Jesus have to die? My answer is “yes.”

Why did he make communion? So we remember. Why are we here tonight? So we remember. Why do have church every week? Because we forget. Remember tonight that Jesus gave his flesh and blood for us. For everyone!

My favorite Bible verse is, “For God so loved the world he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  (John 3:16) I memorized it so I can remember. You should too.

So then there is the Mount of Olives. Olives? We think of them as small round things. Personally, I don’t even like olives.(yuck!)  But the disciples went to the Mount of Olives after their meal with Jesus anyway. Jesus asked his friends to pray with him. They fell asleep because they forgot.

Little did they know that their supper has been the Last Supper. They didn’t even remember to stay awake with him. Little did they know that Jesus was going to die. The cross is a symbol: a symbol of Jesus. It is hard knowing Jesus will die. Tonight we remember that Jesus died for us. It is hard to remember that.

It is a good night to be here, because there are many reminders that Jesus loves you:

Reminder Number 1.

He forgives your sins.  Do you think Jesus forgives you? In a few minutes we will all say we are sorry to Jesus and hear the words, “you are forgiven.” You can even come up and hear it again with a special blessing. My Papa will mark a cross on your head and tell you Jesus forgives you. Believe it.

Reminder Number 2:

Come on up and take communion. But not yet though! When it is time to come up for communion, remember that Jesus died for you. Even after all these years that Jesus died – we remember Jesus is with us every time we eat the bread and drink the wine. I always think of the cross when I come up for communion. I Remember Jesus loves me.  I remember that I love Jesus. I also like to give that guy a hug — because I love him too.

Reminder Number 3:

When we strip the altar we remember how lonely Jesus was. He must have been scared.      I’m even scared thinking about it. His friends even left him alone. We do too. But tonight we know we are never alone. Jesus brings us together. That’s why we are a church – to know that no matter how alone or scared we are Jesus is with us. Remember that!

Reminder Number 4.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. The really sad day Jesus died. It should be called Sad Friday not Good Friday.Whoever came up with the name “Good Friday” anyways?

And one last reminder – the 5th and final one.

Even though we leave sad tonight and that we know Jesus will die tomorrow, we also know what is coming Sunday…Easter bunnies! Just kidding – Easter is about Jesus being alive. Jesus rose on Easter morn! …Remember?

These are your reminders for tonight:

Jesus forgives you. He gives us a meal to remember. Jesus was lonely. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Sunday is Easter.  Jesus rose on Easter morn!

So come on up and be part of the story. Then we should all go to bed…                                             It is already past my bedtime.

Jesus loves you. Thanks be to God!


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6 Responses to A child will lead them…a Maundy Thursday Sermon by Mia on Matt 26:26-32

  1. Wow Mia! Thank you sweet girl. I will try very hard to remember!

  2. Sara says:

    That’s awesome! What a great job!

  3. Jack B says:

    and a child will lead them

  4. Martha S. Jacobi says:

    From the mouths of babes (with a little help from their papas). Mia, that was terrific. Geoff, what a brilliant form of proclamation — thank you so much for sharing it.

  5. Bob DeGaetano says:

    Beautifully innocent and clearly understood! God bless you Mia

  6. Tina Johnson says:

    what a great heart loved it thanks Mia

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