“Beyond Gratitude” a sermon on Luke 17:11-19


Sermon on Luke 17:11-19
“Beyond Gratitude”

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Old Saybrook, CT


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2 Responses to “Beyond Gratitude” a sermon on Luke 17:11-19

  1. Morrissey, Margaret says:

    and THANK YOU TO YOU!!!!! You’re an amazing preacher. It’s so easy to listen to you and your message is so clearly delivered. Thank you for being you. I don’t know anyone else who gets his/her thoughts so organized that a sermon just flows . . . Thanks for taking the time and making it a priority to be so connected to Calumet!!! Camp needs people who relate to kids and of course, more importantly, who kids relate to. You’re all that! I’m grateful that you’re my Pastor. Have a super day! Peggy

    P.S. Do you know what comes on automatically after your video? Someone from the Cross St Church in Canada who didn’t make half as much sense as you did, but the topic was definitely gratitude. Hm-m-m-m-m …..


    • Thanks for the feedback and for watching! To answer your question – I don’t have any control over YouTube – there must be some algorithm that pulls up similar content or titles, I’m not sure how that works. What I do know is that is out of my hands – so watch carefully 🙂

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