wide beachI started this blog in 2010 with no real plan for where I wanted to go with it.  A colleague who is an early adopter of social media and technology held a one day conference, so I attended. It was fantastic. Many of the ideas Keith Anderson presented that day I still adhere to as sound strategy when it comes to the online things I do. I even gained a friend out of it. (Read Keith’s latest book, The Digital Cathedral and listen to our 2 Bald Pastors interview with Keith if you haven’t yet.)

When I started writing regularly, I decided that I would publish a post once a week, on the same day, rain or shine, every week of the year. This was good practice and discipline, but it also created extra work prior to vacations or events when I was away from home. Until 2015 I covered a number of topics, but the thrust of what I wrote about was change, church reform, thinking about ministry differently in our changing digital age, and living our faith in the present tense.

A quote that continues to guide much of my ministry is this:

“The church in the 21st century has more in common with the church of the 1st century than the church of the 20th century.” (I have since lost the source – so if you discover it, please let me know, and I can cite it.)

When I took a new call to serve another congregation (St. Paul Lutheran Church in Old Saybrook, CT) in 2014, my workload increased and my work patterns shifted. The time I used to have to create a 1000-2000 word weekly started to escape me. In the summer of 2015, I suspended my writing for a time. In the meantime, I have since made 2-4 minute videos each week (this was not an original idea either – Keith made quite a few of them which were excellent). I used them to either promote an upcoming Sunday or to present a brief idea. To date the most watched one is of our kids running through the town of Old Saybrook on Christmas Eve (Drop Everything. Jesus is Coming!). These videos are fun to make and connect with a whole new audience. I plan to continue making them.

Yet I miss the writing.

So I have decided to take it up again. I seek to reboot my reflections on doing ministry in the 21st century – specifically by thinking about living our faith in the here and now.           For how long? We shall see. We have a long way to go when it comes to shedding the baggage of the 20th century American church’s rise and fall.  Out of the ruins we carry on. I would like to be part of the that conversation.

I continue to seek to explore what I am doing and why on this new frontier of post-Christianity secular digitialism, and my hope is that others will think openly along with me too. I also am looking to write smaller, bite-sized reflections versus the longer essays I used to create. As before, I welcome your thoughts and responses.



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    Good deal. I’ll look forward to them.

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