A letter (not from Hogwarts) to my 11 year old daughter on her birthday

mia.pops.bday.2016.21 July, 2016

Dear Mia,

Congratulations on your eleventh birthday. Wow. You are growing up! I’m sorry to report that there is no Hogwarts Letter addressed to you today. What can I say? Their loss. There is no one I know more magical than you – with your vivid imagination, wonderful curiosity, and unique way of seeing the world with fresh eyes, you have more magic to offer than any spell or potion you could ever learn in a wizarding school. Besides; I don’t think Mom and I could bear to have you away from us for seven years anyway. 🙂

It is a joy watching you grow, learn, gain confidence in yourself and become the leader I know you can be. You are one of the few people I know that truly gets what faith is all about – not just as an idea about God you can believe in, but as a way of seeing the world through God’s eyes to love and care for others. Mia, you have one of the biggest, caring hearts I know. Thank you for that. It is a gift in you I cherish deeply.

Don’t grow up too fast. I love your moments of just being a kid: Laughing. Playing. Creating. Imagining. Learning. Discovering. But also take to heart that as you age and ask new questions, you can always lean on Mom and I to be there with you to help you navigate them.  (You wouldn’t have that at Hogwarts, BTW.)

Know that while you are not going away to a school few muggles could see or understand, you can always visit them in the novels, and see them again in the movies. While we read and watch them again together; remember that you always have a forever place at the table with your family, and that you are a forever love to me.  You are as your Great Papa used to say, “Cara Mia”; my precious one.

Happy Birthday Mia!  Share the magic and never forget to be who you are.

mia.pops.bday.2016.letter.With much love,


Co-Headmaster, Sinibaldo House


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  1. Mary S. Young says:

    Hi Pastor Geoff, Happy 11th Birthday to Mia; beautiful picture of the birthday girl and her Pops! We also have a “birthday boy” in the Young family today . . . . . Vaughn is 82. . . . and doing well!:) Blessings to the Sinabaldos! Sue & Vaughn


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