Solving the “Danish” Mystery

Today I completed some much needed research into an age old question…Why call those yummy  pastries “Danishes?”

This is what I discovered:

A pastry with a hole in the middle is called a “Doughnut.” Unless you go to Dunkin. Then it is called a “Donut.” Ya gotta luv American spelling 🙂

A pastry without a hole in the middle is called a “Danish.”Except in Denmark, where it is called “Vienna Bread” (or “Weinerbrod” in Danish). Odd, right? In Vienna they call it “Kopenhagener Plunder” or “Danicher Plunder” (in German – it is named for Copenhagen which is in Denmark – because, you know,  it is a pastry called a “Danish”). 

What gives?  

Apparently a few hundred years ago some Viennese bakers started making these tasty treats in Copenhagen and they became a real hit, and ever since, people all over the world have enjoyed these “Danish” pastries. Hence the name “Danish.”
Mystery solved.

At any rate, all that sugar isn’t good for you. For breakfast I usually have eggs, some veggies and if I have toast – something multi-grained. And coffee. I love coffee.

Did I mention I am still a little sleep deprived from Reach the Beach?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Run! Walk! Bike! Swim! Get outside! Get plenty of sleep. Visit Denmark. I am not Danish by heritage but I hear it is lovely and the Danish people are nice.


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