Thoughts on Reach the Beach


I spent last weekend driving a van for one of our Camp Calumet teams running through New Hampshire to raise camp scholarship money to send kids to camp in a Ragnar event called Reach the Beach (a 203 mile relay race). I wrote this and took the picture at night (it was actually early morning) and posted it on Facebook in our “Follow the Race: RTB 2016 and CCL” group. I wanted to share it on the blog too. Here it is:

“So here is the thing about Reach the Beach. Sometimes you feel the enormity of the event; the 1000s of runners; the 100s of vans; the 36 towns across New Hampshire coming together; and the awesomeness of the Camp Calumet network rallying together as a team to get kids to camp to experience faith and authentic community in a whole new way.

And other times its just you and the road.  You and your blinky light. You and God.”

9/17/2016 #3:28 a.m.

THANK YOU! for everyone’s support, prayers and generosity.

You can still participate at:



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