5 Things to Remember on Election Day (2016 Voter Guide)

It has been a ruthless election cycle.

Here is my election advice:

1. When you arrive at the polls be encouraging and incredibly polite to all the volunteers, police, fire and other officials who are taking the time to do this right, as well as your fellow citizens who are there to vote.

2. Follow the directions given by the officials and read your ballot carefully so you vote for the candidates you want to serve.  

3. As you leave your polling place, thank your fellow citizens on the way into the polls for participating in the process. It is OK to smile. 🙂

4. If you see some grumpy people, do one or more of the following: 

A. Ignore them as to not fuel their fire.  

B. Give them high fives and say, “Isn’t it awesome that we get to vote? I’m so jacked up on democracy right now! Wooooohooo!” (Or something similar. Be creative.)

C. Pray that they can find some inner peace or could at least be less outwardly grouchy.

5. Return to work, school, home or wherever it is you serve your neighbor daily. You may also want to go to a park, sit outside, or exercise. Look around your community with gratitude. Find a place to take a nice deep long breath. Go about the day thankful for the opportunity to peacefully select our leaders.



About geoff sinibaldo

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Change Proponent, Goofball, Seeking Faithfulness in the 21st Century
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