I am with you

It has been a long and tumultuous Presidential campaign. We now have a President Elect.

To those who are tired of all the negativity, scandals, and fear-mongering of this election cycle on both sides; I am with you.

To those who feel forgotten by the system, the global economy, and a fast-paced / ever-changing technological world; I am with you.

To the women of this country and the world; I am with you.

To my LGBTQ+ family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, fellow citizens and their families; I am with you.

To my family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow citizens who are people of color; I am with you.

To those who came to this land simply seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones, or are displaced throughout the world for a variety of reasons often outside of their control; I am with you.

To those who are differently-abled than I am; and/or struggle with their health; finances regarding their health; access to medicine and care; I am with you.

To those who struggle with poverty, homelessness, hunger, and underemployment; I am with you.

To those whose neighborhoods are full of fear, crime, violence and senseless death; I am with you.

To those who believe, pray and encounter the Divine differently than I do, or do not practice a faith at all; I am with you.


I will oppose the hate-filled rhetoric, actions and policies that blame, degrade, divide and discriminate against our shared humanity.

I will call upon our elected leaders in all levels of government as well as my fellow citizens to promote a renewed sense of community and the betterment of our society inclusive of all its people.

I will encourage people of faith to model love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generoisty, faithfulness, thoughfulness and self-control.

I will keep teaching my children to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with thier God, and I will pick them back up when others push them around and knock them down.

I will be watching, listening and engaging. Closer than ever.


About geoff sinibaldo

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Volunteer Firefighter, Teacher, Mission Focused Church Leader, Camp Lover, Change Proponent, Seeking Faithfulness in the 21st Century
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2 Responses to I am with you

  1. Morrissey, Margaret says:

    Thank you…. I needed to hear these words


  2. Good job Pastor Geoff
    We will need it ❤️
    Tammie Pierson

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