“Stay Awake” an Advent sermon on Matthew 24:32-44

Advent 1

Sermon on Matthew 24:32-44
“Stay Awake”

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Old Saybrook, CT


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One Response to “Stay Awake” an Advent sermon on Matthew 24:32-44

  1. Morrissey, Margaret says:

    I thought a lot last night during and after worship.

    If I ever had a tragedy in my life, I would want you and Tammie as my neighbors.

    I’ve had you in my prayers ever since I heard the news. I watched my son be strong, be strong when his brother-in-law was murdered. I was really kind of surprised at how well he was holding everybody and everything together at the time. He got the help he needed in the form of therapy a couple years after it happened.

    Choosing that hymn was perfect. It also made me think of Pastor Maureen Hawksley after our church in Middletown was broken into and TORN UP BAD. She was a strong leader through it all.

    As are you!!! Is what I’m trying to say. Whew!

    Stuff happens that makes no sense at all. This certainly doesn’t. So many unanswered (unanswerable) questions.

    Jus’ sayin’


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