John 9:1-41

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Sermon starter for Sunday: Jesus heals a man born blind and gives him vision (John 9). Problem – nobody else (family, neighbors, religious types) can’t accept it it. They don’t get it. They don’t “see” it.

What are the things that keep us from “seeing”?

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Jan Andrews Henson
Jan Andrews Henson Our preconceived world-view
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Doug Ogden
Doug Ogden Sight sometimes keeps
Is from seeing
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Randy Winsand
Randy Winsand Our need for explanation and reason prevents us from trusting in the irrational and unexplainable mystery of God.
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Sandi Lukens Linton
Sandi Lukens Linton Maybe his vision was insight and not his sight!
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Tracy Bieger
Tracy Bieger Unless your church is doing the narrative lectionary. 😕
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Marcos Craft
Marcos Craft Possibly pride. If one had been saying counter ideas their whole life, their pride might not let them see for they will be proven wrong,
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Leona Kilpatrick
Leona Kilpatrick Fear of what is unexplainable
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Kirsten Stangeland Moore
Kirsten Stangeland Moore Our fears- “He is blind because he or his parents sinned. We don’t so this won’t happen to us”
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Krista Vingelis
Krista Vingelis I’ll never forget what Craig Koester helped us to understand in this passage – Jesus works to give sight to the blind and to blind those who think they already see.
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Caryn Francese
Caryn Francese Not truly opening our eyes to what God wants us to see – material world versus spiritual world
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Brian Days
Brian Days Pride
Level of intelligence (Thinking you’re started or they are using words that are over your head)
To busy…at least in our own minds.See More
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Mark Christoffersen
Mark Christoffersen These are the actual words a member of my Lutheran Church in Georgia said, when we explained in detail why we weren’t buying an old church with limited seating and limited parking and in need of repair and located outside the ministry service area where most members were located: “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”
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Patty Koplitz
Patty Koplitz Preconceived notions? We were talking at work today and the subject of religion came up. A couple rolled their eyes and said, well, I like church for my mom. It gives her stuff to do. I went too much as a kid.
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