New Testament scholar N.T. Wright calls the book of Acts: “The Deeds and Teaching of King Jesus, II”  (N.T. Wright, Acts for Everyone, Part 1: Chapters 1-12, [Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2008], p.1).

Join us this summer for “Adventures through Acts!” Sunday Worship @9:30 a.m. Facebook Live @9:45 on

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Old Saybrook, CT


(6/11) [Acts 4:1-12]         “The Trinitarian Trajectory”

(6/18) [Acts 4:32-5:11]    “Drop Dead Generosity” 

(6/25) [Acts 6:1-7]          “Help Wanted!”

(7/2)   [Acts 7:51-8:4]      “Martyrdom for Dummies”

(7/9)   [Acts 8:5-25]         “Miracles or Magic?”

(7/16) [Acts 8:26-40]       “The Good News About Jesus”

(7/23) [Acts 9:1-9]          “Just Call Paul”

(7/30) [Acts 10:9-17a, 34-36] “New Dreams & New Connections

(8/6)   [Acts 15:1-11]       “The 1st Synod Assembly

(8/13) [Acts 17:16-34]     “Revealing the Unknown” 

(8/20) [Acts 18:1-21]       “Paul’s Mission Map”

(8/27) [Acts 20:28-38]     “Sharing Good Goodbyes”

(9/3)   [Acts 28:23-30]     “Let It be known”




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