My Renewed Strategic Plan

I’ve become both convicted and convinced that the only chance the 21st century church has to fulfill its mission is to stop asking “who moved my cheese?“, start asking “who is my neighbor?“,   and follow the responses wherever they lead.

In the church we are mired by distractions, fear and lack of focus. We need to reclaim what is central for followers of Jesus by asking: Is what we are doing bringing people closer to God or not? 

If the answer is “yes” – continue. If “no” – drop it.

So here is my renewed strategic plan:

1. The focus of everything we will do – is God’s love revealed through Jesus.

2. Fight for clarity on #1.

3. Repeat.

What’s your plan?

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1 Response to My Renewed Strategic Plan

  1. oslovich says:

    Excellent, Geoff. If the Church is not about helping people follow Jesus and helping people live as God’s beloved children, then we should not be surprised if people are not very interested in what we are doing

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