DEFINING BLESSING (a min msg after a storm)

Thinking ahead to Matt 5:1-12…How do you define the word “Blessing”?

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2 Responses to DEFINING BLESSING (a min msg after a storm)

  1. jeffreyt20 says:

    In 2015, my mom died, my dog died, and I had a house fire that displaced us for 4 months. Someone told me that I was cursed. My response was that I was cursed with friends with that offered places to stay, showers, and meals. I was cursed with good insurance that paid for 4 months of staying in a hotel, and for the repairs to my home. I did not like going through those things. But I so blessings amidst those “curses”

  2. jeffreyt20 says:

    I meant to say those three events happened in a five week period

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