“Healing” (pun intended)




Hi friends –

I had a mishap at church on Thursday 4/05/18 getting my office put back together when the desk tabletop that was leaning against two filing cabinets fell and clipped the back of my left leg. It was a good reminder to me that it is better for your pastor to be out and about rather than be stuck in the office. 🙂

The outcome is 17 stitches across the back of my left ankle. An easy way to describe the injury is to take your thumb and pointer finger and made a U shape; then put it slightly above the left heal. It is going to leave an awesome scar…

The good news is the achilles tendon appears to be undamaged – but I’m not going to be running for a while. In fact, I’ll be on crutches for a few weeks and most likely will have some PT to do once I follow up with an orthopedic doctor.

I had an interesting thought while I was getting stitched-up, remembering that Jesus invites Thomas to “put his finger” in his healed wounds. How bizarre a scene when one thinks of it. And yet Christ’s healing of us all is always closer than we think.

I want to express my thanks to Kim Meadows, Andrew Seddon and Wade Michels who were “on it” right away and helped me a great deal yesterday. Thanks to the Old Saybrook Police and the EMTs for their assistance, and a special thanks to Luis Serazo, the PA who did a remarkable job putting me back together at the Scoreline Medical Center in Westbrook.

I’m also giving big hugs to my aunt, Gayle Hoffman who is with me at home and providing lots of TLC.

I invite your prayers and intend to just lay low, rest and catch up on Netflix and Hulu until Sunday.

Just a reminder – we will have one worship service on Sunday 4/08/18 @10:00. Bishop Jim Hazelwood of our New England Synod is our preacher as we celebrate all that we, by God’s grace, have accomplished through our capital campaign and building renovation project. More importantly, we will gather Sunday morning to be renewed in the ministry to which we are called: to be the hands and feet of the risen Jesus in the world – whether we need crutches or not.

See you Sunday. 🙂


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9 Responses to “Healing” (pun intended)

  1. jeffreyt20 says:

    I love the line about being out of the world instead of the office!

  2. Paul Lutz says:

    sorry to hear about your accident, Geoff. prayers for healing and patience.

  3. The Rev.Dr. Jane L Searjeant Watt says:

    The lame are always welcome in the church…”Jesus told me so!” I do miss the folks at St. Paul….and I do wish I could join you in celebration of you new renovation. When I get back, I’ll come by and visit. Blessings to all the folks and to you, Geoff. Blessings, Jane Watt

  4. Kathy Purtell says:

    Oh no! What a bummer! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Kathy Purtell

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  5. Frank Hanrahan says:

    May you be touched by God’s healing hands! Rest up, be patient, and stay away from glass and “toboggans”. 🙏 🕯 🌷

  6. Nucci Family says:

    Hope you heal quickly! ❤️

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