A Message for our Transgender friends (and everyone else too)

I remember the nasty comments of others when a family member changed her name. I remember the first adult friend I had known for years who told me they were transgender and were not sure how others “from the old days” were going to respond. I remember the first youth who came to me who was so afraid of telling their parents that their assigned gender was never who they were and were not sure how/if/when they were ready to have that conversation.

Each of these beautiful humans shared a truth about themselves with openness and vulnerability knowing the difficulty that awaited them.

Our transgender friends, neighbors, loved ones, strangers and children need our love, support and safe spaces to be the people God made them to be.

If you are struggling with your identity and how others might receive you – find a safe person (I hope I am one). You don’t have to go it alone. God loves you. Other humans love you too.

If you’re one that is throwing stones. Stop. Just stop. Seek to understand. Remember a time when you or someone you care about were excluded and how that felt. Set the stone down and open your heart to another human being.

Be a healer not a hurter.

We are better than this nonsensical cruelty that pervades everything today.

Things will only start to get better when we stand together and say “enough.”


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