Immediate Thoughts on Wednesday’s Impeachment

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(Originally posted on Facebook at 11:13 p.m. 12/18/2019. Posted here Thursday 12/19/2019)

I split my time watching the impeachment coverage between Fox News and MSNBC tonight.

This is what I learned…

1. WOW. People really hate each other. I mean really deep-down-loathing and disdain. Both sides classify the other as evil and/or un-American. That is really dangerous.

2. The gig is up on “news.” Let’s call this medium and varied cable channels what they are, shall we? They are the propaganda arm for each side under the guise of reporting (which plays right back to point #1. above).

3. All 45 U.S. Presidents were fallible and made mistakes. Yet 42 of 45 U.S. Presidents found a way not to be impeached by the House.

What we can do:

1. Model respect and civility, even when you get all riled-up. Care. Listen. Stay calm. Let go. Learn. Respond thoughtfully. Don’t get sucked into hating your neighbors, friends or family members because someone else told you that you should. Disagree – sure. Vote – yes please. Fight for what you believe in – absolutely! (we could all stand to be better at this I suspect, myself included); but don’t dehumanize others. The place dehumanizing others leads is not going to make you a stronger, wiser or better person. If we don’t do some soul searching on how our actions affect others, people are going to get hurt and keep getting hurt.

2. Stay engaged…but for the love of all humanity – turn the TV news channels off. Leave Twitter. In fact, only engage in social media at all if you have something constructive to contribute. Read thoughtful, well-informed and reputable authors from varied sources. Make-up your own mind rather than allow the pundits to determine how you think and what you say.

3. Try not to be impeachable for whatever it is you do. Seek to embody your values, knowing we all fall short. Apologize. Show mercy. Seek justice. Take opportunities to make the people around you better. Be a positive influence where you are rather than fret over what you cannot control or change directly.

4. Pray. Think. Pause. Then Act.

5. Stay grateful, generous and humble. Spread the love. Share your joy. Be an instrument of peace. Take note of the good you see happening in the places around you – and point others there. Hug the people you love and wish them goodnight.


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