“Break is Over” a sermon after Christmas on Matt 2:13-23

12/29/2019 Christmas 1

Matthew 2:13-23 “Break is Over”

My heart goes out to those in Monsey, NY who were attacked simply for holding on to the promise of light entering the darkness. I stand with my Jewish siblings wherever they are. We have less to be afraid of in this dangerous world as we hold up one another, meet one another in friendship, and learn from one another’s faith and humanity.
This value holds true as we we look to our world in other ways in the places where people suffer, and how we might help and stand beside those living on the wrong end of the systems in which we all participate in as a society.
Since preaching this sermon 1/29/2019 I learned of another shooting in a church near Fort Worth,TX this weekend resulting in human casualties and the rhetoric on multiple sides we have grown accustomed to hearing in the wake of such tragedies.
While our impulse is to fight back at the dangers of this world and those who choose to exploit them with projected strength, resolve and intimidation, I hold fast to the core of what I was trying (emphasis always on “trying”) to say on Sunday – the good news of Jesus calls us into compassion and mercy, vulnerability in weakness and a love that continues to seek us that we do not deserve.
Peace to you wherever you are. That love is looking for you too.


St. Paul Lutheran Church Old Saybrook, CT

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