“Peace” not “Panic” – our church’s corona plan…

We’re going to post this in our e-news, and share on Sunday morning:

Besides it being the regular cold and flu season there are increasing concerns regarding covid-19. Let’s exercise some caution without sacrificing the warmth and community spirit of our congregation. I suggest over the next several weeks during “the peace” we try using waves, salutes, giving a thumbs up, a point and nod, a peace sign, an air high five and other creative ways of engaging with each other as we share God’s peace that refrain from touching, hand-shaking and hugs.  If we could all take up this practice over Lent it will give those who are nervous an ongoing opportunity to continue to participate, those who are confident to be more inclusive, the ability to retain a part of our worship experience that we do really well, and a way to keep welcoming new people into our fellowship. In addition, please remain diligent by washing your hands often, not coughing or sneezing directly on one another, sharing your hand sanitizer with your neighbor, remaining calm and keeping a bit of levity with something so serious – these can be our best ongoing line of defense.

Peace be with you.


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