Good Morning Church! 6/21/2020

Good Morning Church! 6/21/2020

Featuring: Father’s Day, Bold Transformational Faith Program with Dave Holtz of Luther Crest Bible Camp, Bishop Hazelwood of the New England Synod and much, much more…

Welcome “This Is My Father’s World” (ELW #824)

Discovery Time: Bold Transformational Faith Program with David Holtz, Executive Director, Luther Crest Bible Camp (

Matthew 10:24-39

Sermon – Bishop James Hazelwood, New England Synod

“My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less, (ELW #597)

Prayers “Good Good Father” ([with photo montage] Anthony and Pat Barrett CCLI #7036612 CCLI License #98422)


How to sign-up for our “online community”




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