Good Morning Church! 3.21.2021 Connected to the Vine

Good Morning Church! 3.21.2021 Connected to the Vine

Dormant Plants Made Alive! (Laurie Pavlos)

Good Morning Church!

Opening Prayer

“Kyrie” (ELW #151 Sung by Al LaPorte)

Discovery Time: Grapes Cut off Vines

John 15:1-11 (Read by Melissa Hart)


“What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” (ELW #774 Sung by Al LaPorte)

Apostles Creed

Prayers with “O Lord Hear My Prayer” (ELW #751 Sung by Kim Meadows)

Thx & Giving (

“O God Our Help In Ages Past” (ELW#834 Sung by Al LaPorte)



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