Good Morning Church! 5.02.2021 Easter 5: Eating & Building Community

Good Morning Church! 5.02.2021 Easter 5: Eating & Building Community

Good Morning Church!

Opening Prayer

Thank You from Joe Sinibaldo for the SSPK food drive (

“The Day of Resurrection” (2020 Al LaPorte, Used By Permission, BMI, Sung by Al LaPorte)

Mission of the Month: Bare Necessities with Tina Bascom (

John 21:1-19 (Read by Garth Meadows)


“We Come to the Hungry Feast” (ELW #479, Sung by Al LaPorte)

Apostles Creed

Prayers (led by Karen Ritter)

“Alleluia” (2013, Al LaPorte, Used By Permission, BMI. Sung by Al LaPorte)

Sending Thx & Giving (


One License A-712431 All liturgical text and liturgical music under copyright to or administered by Augsburg Fortress

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