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You are loved and welcome here. You are not alone. Do not be afraid.

Some of the strongest, most courageous and faithful people I know both inside and outside of the church self-identify as LGBTQ+ (but their strength, courage and faith is not what is at stake in this post). In the ongoing arguments … Continue reading

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Thanks! 1000 posts in.

Today I received notice from the good people at wordpress that I had published my 1000th post on this blog. As a response, I thought I would take a moment to say thank you, so post 1001 is a thank … Continue reading

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Everything is Figureoutable

Another mass shooting. This time is Thousand Oaks, CA. Last time in Pittsburg, PA. Another time I may have overlooked. Many, many, many times before that. In all likelihood, many more to come. — What will we do about it? … Continue reading

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After the bombs that weren’t (Thanks be to God)

Far being from a perfect union, two of our finer traits as a country are: the non-violent transfer of power from one party to another through free elections and a free press. Whoever sent these package bombs to incite chaos … Continue reading

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A Message for our Transgender friends (and everyone else too)

I remember the nasty comments of others when a family member changed her name. I remember the first adult friend I had known for years who told me they were transgender and were not sure how others “from the old … Continue reading

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Songs, Spins & Cartwheels: A Marathon Adventure

6/16/2018 Grandma’s Marathon Duluth, MN W/ J-Jeff, G-Geoff, Sheila & friends As of 6/21/2018 Team Isaiah rasied $15,000+ toward Team Superstars $89,000+ Thanks for the Love & Support. 26.2 in a fraction of the time 🙂

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Social Media Arguments

An argument I keep seeing is: “Since your guy did a bad thing, it entitles my guy to do a bad thing too.” No. How we deal with current realities cannot be about what anybody else does, did or didn’t … Continue reading

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